Who are we?

Established in 2006 - Omulu Capoeira Seattle strives to honor the spirit and traditon of capoeira. We hope to provide a welcoming and empowering environment where people of all ages and backgrounds can develop physically as well as mentally and emotionally.

We are a satellite of the non-profit Omulu Capoeira Group whose mission is to promote the art of capoeira around the globe through the development of high-quality training academies, professional performance groups, community culture and education programs.

What is capoeira?

Capoeira is an afro-brazilian art that combines martial arts, acrobatics, dance and music. It was created within the culture and experience of African slaves brought to Brazil. It was during the hunt for freedom and the time that followed that capoeira was developed. Capoeiristas - those who practice the art - have survived tremendous odds to develop their art form while facing discrimination from the upper and middle classes of Brazilian society. Capoeira was illegal to practice up until the early 1930s, when legendary Mestre Bimba founded the first legal Capoeira Academy and created a new, contemporary style of the art, Capoeira Regional.

The Jogo.

Capoeira - also called "jogo de capoeira" (game of capoeira) or just "jogo" - is a game set to music and "played" by two people. The players move to the hypnotic rhythms of percussion instruments including the berimbau, a single stringed instrument that has come to symbolize the art of capoeira. The game itself is played in the "roda de capoeira" (wheel of capoeira) or just "roda" (pronounced "ho-dah") where other capoeiristas form a ring of space while singing call and response songs that complete the atmosphere of the roda.

Capoeira is a game with few rules and regulations but rife with convention, etiquette and tradition. The objectives of the game vary; it can be aggressive and combative, focused on dominance and physical prowess. It can be fluid and flashy, as much an aesthetic performance or personal expression as it is a contest. It can be deceptive and mischievous as well as humorous and childish at times. Capoeira is a game of ritualized combat, of attack and escape, of strength and agility, of strategy and instinct. It is a game that prompts practitioners to discover their strengths and weaknesses, to face their fears and frustrations, to self-reflect and to grow as both capoeiristas and as people.